Wilson's Promontory Small Group Eco Tour from Melbourne

Wilson’s Promontory Small Group Eco Tour from Melbourne

This small group eco tour will take you to one of Australia’s truly un-known wonders. In an era of over-tourism, Wilson’s Promontory is a welcome and unforgettable place to retreat from the tourist masses. Fortunately, it is yet to be discovered by mass tourism, despite being one of the most stunning coastal locations you’ll ever experience in all of your travels.

We’ll take you there in air-conditioned comfort and show you the location’s best highlights, with our informative & engaging guides determined to assist you in creating some wonderful travel memories.

Tick off one of Australia’s most famous beaches, Squeaky Beach, where the sand will sing as you walk along this pristine coastal area.

Enjoy a hike up Mount Bishop and take in stunning views from atop it’s peak or alternatively, take the gentler Lilly Pilly Gully walk through lush rainforest.

Towards the end of your day, try to spot some of the local furry residents with a guided wildlife walk!

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