Venice: Private Walking Tour with Gondola ride

Venice: Private Walking Tour with Gondola ride

This is the tour for those that come to Venice for the first time: we will talk about the winged lion, the story of St Mark being brought to Venice from Egypt, his “golden church”, and then Theodore, killing a dragon, and, of course, when, how and why the Venetians have built a city on hundreds of thousands of wooden poles stuck in the mud of the lagoon.

We will visit St Mark’s square, the basilica and we will end at the Rialto bridge on the Grand Canal.

Walking across the city –you can choose between the Castello or San Marco districts– we will also see some of the hidden corners in Venice, understanding everyday life in the city, its problems, what is like to live in such a city and about the “high water” phenomenon and what is on to protect the city and the lagoon.

And, last but not least: a 30 minutes Gondola ride to end with an unforgettable experience.

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