Venice glassblowing - Small group

Venice glassblowing – Small group

An unmissable experience that will bring you to know worldwide famous glassblowing art. The expert glass craftsman will create, in front of you, a unique item while he is explaining the ancient technique phases of the production.

See a master glass blower to create your glass gift using ancient techniques to remember this experience (30 minutes approx.).
Visit a glass factory showroom to see different types of glass production.
At the end of your experience we will give a little glass gift for each couple or each family, as a souvenir of this visit.

You will discover the amazing history behind the ancient Murano Glassblowing art: during the Republic of Venice, the Murano glassblowers were considered the most important craftsmen and they had to keep all the secrets about its art.

From the Middle Age until nowadays, Murano island has exported the fascinating glass artworks all around the world.

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