Venice - A Magical Getaway!

Venice – A Magical Getaway!

Venice is a city of immense beauty and historical significance. As the capital of the Veneto Region of Northern Italy, Venice actually lies on 117 small islands that are connected by a series of bridges and separated by a network of canals. The magical 4 days VENICE explorer will serve you real-time and interesting sightseeing of historical places in Venice.
* Visiting the 3 most famous islands (Torcello, Burano, and Murano)
* Walking tour of Venice with amazing Gondola ride from the city center.
* Exceptional sightseeing of the historical places which include St Marks Campanile, St Marks Basilica and Doge’s Palace.
*Organized and accommodating 3 days sleep at a centrally located 3 star and 4-star hotels with distinct structures in Venice.
Why Tourists choose this tour
* Magnificent sightseeing of historical places and 3 famous places without a catch.

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