Tour of Venetian Artisan Craftsmanship

Tour of Venetian Artisan Craftsmanship , masks , mosaic , textile, gold

Unlike most of the conventional tours of Venice that sell mass-produced tourist trinkets, this special tour will take you into the heart of Venetian traditions and bring you closer to the local artisans and craftsmen of Venice who, through their skillful work, keep alive techniques that are centuries-old and, even more their specialized knowledge, keep alive the legacy of history and culture itself. We will bring you to the best of Venetian production, choosing artisans who work with quality and tradition, and knock at the door of their small workshops: each one a hidden gem in the magnificent labyrinth of Venezia.

This tour includes :
local guide 4 hours
2 ways water taxi
visit of two studios of the following artisan laboratories ( gold , mosaic , masks, paper , textile, gondola factory…

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