Saint Mark's VIP Night Tour: Exclusive Access Small Group Tour

Saint Mark’s VIP Night Tour: Exclusive Access Small Group Tour

This is an incredible exclusive After-Hours Semi-Private Tour of Saint Mark’s Basilica, after the Basilica has officially closed to the general public. The crowds will have gone, and the custodians will have closed the entry doors to the rest of the tourists, except for you. The doors will reopen exclusively for this privileged access tour, that will leave you as the only witnesses of the Golden Church of Venice in the magic of night. With our guarantee of just 6 people per group, a professional expert guide will lead you on an incredible intimate journey through the magic of the Basilica as evening has fallen and it is only for your eyes to witness. In the quiet of night, its incredible splendour will shine as the thousands of square feet of golden mosaics will light up in an astounding light show. Again, only for you to see. This is guaranteed to be a truly unique, dramatic, once in a life-time experience, that you will surely never forget.

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