Melbourne Motorcycle Tour

Melbourne Motorcycle Tour

Inspired by the cafe racer culture, OSG is Australia’s first custom motorcycle rental agency. In addition to our custom offering, we include a select number of factory built, modern classic motorcycles from brands such as Royal Enfield.

We match our motorcycles to your personality and adventure, offering a range of low to medium capacity motorbikes. Perfect for travel around the City of Melbourne and sightseeing throughout the beautiful Victorian Countryside.

Eager to get more riders involved, we offer low capacity motorcycles for rent to learners and restricted licences, not just those with full licences.

With purpose at our core, we are constantly working on ways to improve sustainability in our sector. We are the only carbon neutral motorcycle rental agency in Australia and upcycle all our product.

Renting our motorcycles will provide you with peace of mind that you are giving back to the environment and helping to improve the future of our world.

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