Heart and Soul of Venice Private Tour

Heart and Soul of Venice Private Tour, highlights and hidden gems of Venice tour

This is the best tour to fall in love with Venice! Venice is the most romantic and unique city on the water in the world. I want to show you the real soul of it, helping you discover its essence and not just the touristic places.

What we will visit together during this tour:

Campo San Polo, the biggest campo in Venice and the history of Carnival and “bull fights” in Venice.
One of the narrowest calli (street) of Venice.
Carampane, the former red light district of Venice.
The colourful and historical Rialto market.
The place where Venice was founded according to the legend.

I will explain the secrets of Venice through these emblematic and historical places, how it was founded, curiosities, and many other things.

If you want to know everything about this fantastic city, book the tour!

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