Greek Food Cooking Class

Greek Food Cooking Class

At The Hellenic Odyssey we offer a range of memorable food events because there’s no better way to connect with family and friends than over a sumptuous meal.

Our food events and cooking classes are based on the flavours and aromas of authentic Mediterranean Greek cuisine, so you’ll learn about the ingredients, cooking techniques and of course, the wonderful health benefits the Mediterranean diet is so famous for!

Our Greek Cooking Classes let you be a part of the experience or if you prefer, you can just sit back, soak up the atmosphere and watch the magic happen.

Some of our fondest memories involve food because of the strong sensory relationship we have with it. The flavours and aromas, the textures and the visual appeal of beautifully presented dishes are linked to the sweetness, the piquancy, the crunch and all that is part of this banquet we call life.

At The Hellenic Odyssey, we look forward to connecting with you and creating fond culinary memories.

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