From Zurich - Gruyères Castle

From Zurich – Gruyères Castle, Cheese, and Chocolate Tasting Private Tour

A true treat for the senses, this cheese and chocolate escapade lifts the curtain on the backstage world of cheese and chocolate production in Switzerland. Our adventure begins in the medieval village of Gruyères, famed for the nutty, semi-hard cheese which shares its name. Discover ramshackle 15th-century homes, meandering cobblestone alleys, and one of Switzerland’s crowning glory: the magnificent Castle of Gruyères. Treat your tastebuds to a local dairy, where highly-skilled cheesemakers will teach us how to make Gruyères. Sample the iconic cheese fresh from the wheel, and discover the rich history behind the recipe. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a visit to the legendary Cailler Factory, the birthplace of Swiss chocolate. Discover why Cailler chocolate is considered the creamiest in Europe, and watch chocolatiers practicing their art.

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